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We generated UML models for the following open source projects to see if this would prove useful to the developer community.

The tool used for the reverse-engineering and HTML generation is Together Control Center from Borland.

This is a bit of an experiment. So please send any comments and suggestions along to opensource@objectsbydesign.com or post a message to the open-source in UML forum. For important notes, please see below.

UML Model
JBoss Version 3.2.3 from jboss.org.
A Java application server which supports EJB 2.0.
UML Model
Hibernate Version 2.1 from hibernate.org.
An object/relational persistence and query service.
UML Model
Spring Version 1.2 from springframework.org.
A J2EE application framework, including IoC, MVC, AOP, persistence and transactions.
UML Model
Saxon Version 7.8 from saxon.sourceforge.net.
An XSLT engine which supports XSLT 2.0, XPath 2.0, and XQuery 1.0.
UML Model
Tomcat Version 5.0 from the Apache Jakarta Project.
A Java 2.4 servlet engine (Catalina).
UML Model
Xalan Version 2.5.2 from the Apache XML Project.
An Java XSLT processor used for transforming XML documents.
UML Model
FOP Version 0.20.5 from the Apache XML Project.
An FO processor for creating PDF documents.
UML Model
Batik Version 1.5 from the Apache XML Project.
A suite of tools for displaying and handling SVG content.

The HTML view uses frames. If you want a bigger window for viewing the diagrams, the Mozilla 1.x browser will allow you to open the diagram in a separate window (right click diagram for menu).

A small number of diagrams are too big for some browsers to display. You can download the image and view it in another graphics application (right click diagram icon for menu).

The Mozilla 1.x browser is capable of displaying even the largest GIF images.

You may navigate to a class diagram by selecting the link from the upper-left frame. Click on a class in the diagram to display the javadoc documentation for the class in the bottom frame. Click on any of a class's method names in the diagram to jump to the javadoc for the method in the bottom frame.

We've started experimenting with SVG format diagrams for some of the projects. See the links above. For viewing the SVG, you may find the following directions useful.

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